8 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2020

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Imagine your content is looking dead, and the traffic towards your website has never come into its direction. Nothing comes into your way until you know what you need to do with your online presence and how to dip your website into SEO’s strategy to have that buzz ranking you on the top of Google automaton.

To modify your website, SEO specialists can do wonders and make you belong to top on SEO rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With the best SEO Adelaide, you can match your website or blog to your expectations.

When looking into the past you would realise that not much concern was made about SEO during that time, it was just restricted to keywords but, today the scenario has been completely altered, for creating and setting trends you need to understand best SEO practices to have your online web game on point


1. Let your keyword play first

Keywords are crucial, that defines what exactly your content is going to speak about. It is advisable to place the keyword in your title and domain that would give the audience a click to reach to your website with that exact keyword they were looking for.

When you see your competitors growing through keywords, go and penetrate in their strategy and spend some time with their keywords. It would make your work much less, and you can easily be a tough competitor by creating a quality reliable content using their keywords.

Don’t use a keyword that doesn’t speak about your content because that would hurt you later. Use keywords that are not off and not spam either. You can use Google keyword planner for the most relevant keyword searches for your business.

With best SEO Adelaide use your keyword on the main locations of your content like in title and almost 3 to 4 times spread in the whole content space.


2. Be unique, be you

Uniqueness and freshness is an ultimate game-changer. The audience always looks for something different from the rest even if it’s black.

It is in the guide list of Google that you should not entertain your audience with any sort of twin content; instead, you should be as original as you can be.

Pro tips:

  • Use the highest quality and unique titles to your page to enhance attraction and SEO ranking.
  • Try to use alt tags to enable search engines to better rank and makeup to your website.
  • Make your landing page or call to action page as unique and understandable as much as you can to have more audience turned into your customer.


3. Focus on the website’s User interface

Having an excellent user interface or in other way user experience can help you deal with your SEO. People often get pissed off if the website doesn’t show up fast results and loading, and this departure from the site can harm your SEO ranking.

Enable your site to look smart, easy loading, linkable and useful content to provide your SEO with a great hoick.

Pro tips:

  • Use relevant plugins.
  • Your trump card cache.
  • Avoid the website’s luggage.
  • Use images that are compressed and user-friendly.
  • Use themes that do not weigh much.


4. Use internal linking effectively

Internal linking allows the consumer to travel throughout the website. It helps to direct the consumer from one page to another on the same site.

It helps in giving power to the keywords and makes the search engine to establish a sense of page relevancy for the particular keyword.


5. Make the website mobile friendly


Well, in the year 2018, according to a study, about 52.2 per cent of website traffic globally was induced through mobile phones. It today in the contemporary scenario accounts for half of all the World Wide Web pages set out.

It would be beneficial to make your website well fit for mobile phones to gain a greater audience.

Will SEO company Adelaide; you can set your SEO strategy on edge.


6. Watch your working and results

It is entirely logical to understand that without tracking, you will be able to praise neither you can criticise your results. That means you are walking blind with your SEO.

You should mandatorily use tools to keep track of your SEO to know how your website is actually working on search engine result pages.

With digital marketing company Adelaide, you can use Google Search Console to understand your growth rate. They have many tools and features to offer you, though not all of them are of regular use, a few are important to have a glance over your website performance.


7. Your content should be shareable, likable or mentionable

Though it belongs to an old rule book, it can still give you a good ranking. Your content should have any of the three attributes of being mentioned, liked or shared.

You should focus on asking people to like, share or comment to boost your ranking on Google or any other search engine.


8. What audience want

You are actually in the business to serve the audience, and this is an essential aspect to consider if you want to go and win in the long run.

Study and understand your audience what they actually prefer and set yourself according to it. This is one of the best fashions in SEO. Understanding the audience will help you in targeting keywords that are common between them.

Pro tips:

  • Understand what they prefer text, videos, audios or images and incorporate them according to their preference.
  • Use videos and images wherever required; it helps in eliminating boredom and constants.
  • Try to communicate with your audience and have a creative call to action.

With SEO Company in Adelaide, you can plan your SEO strategy and can enhance your ranking on the top sea level.


If your business needs a boost and if you are looking for some real SEO best practices, you can do it with the digital marketing company Adelaide, to turn your aspirations to reality. 


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