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Essential Digital Marketing Strategy Ideas for Your E-commerce Business

Summary- It is quite true that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This statement holds special significance for the digital marketing activities of e-commerce businesses. Get up to date with some cutting-edge strategy tips from this article.

Ensuring adequate success in the proper maintenance of an e-commerce business is really tough. Irrespective of your product as well as its intended audience, e-commerce is getting tougher by the day due to a large number of competitors. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth pursuing considering the following stat:

Revenue from online sales is expected to touch $4.5 trillion by 2021. *




The increased competition translates to having to put more effort into marketing your products. The right digital marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses help you achieve in retaining existing customers while winning new ones.

In this context, it will be worthwhile to mention that formulating the right strategy is crucial. The right digital marketing company in Adelaide will help your business build a strong foundation and help in working upwards from there. This post will help you create a winning strategy for your e-commerce business.


Digital Marketing Strategy


Strategy Tip #1

It helps to know your target audience right

The very first step in crafting a successful e-commerce digital marketing strategy is knowing with plenty of precision of who exactly your customers are. Defining the same with details is key to understanding what they ask of you and in meeting those expectations.

Crafting suitable content for specific audiences is one of the key elements of a suitable digital marketing strategy. So, it is definitely helpful to know the people your product is intended for. Try to address the following demographic peculiarities while determining the same:

  • Sex
  • Age Group
  • Online browsing habits
  • Location
  • Social Status

Knowing such vital information about the audience is helpful in creating content that resonates with them.

Strategy Tip #2

Enhanced Visualization of Products

Presentation of products is one of the key determining factors of successful outcomes. People won’t read your product descriptions unless you can engage them visually first.

They might show interest in further information on the products, but the need for the visual hook is very much there.

If you can get better product visuals, chances are more people will become interested in buying them. You can achieve this by:

  • Using high-quality images of products
  • Having zoom-in functionality to the product images
  • Having a full 360 degrees view of the product
  • Making use of 3d tech for product visualization

Strategy Tip #3

Making use of product videos

Product videos are another crucial part of the digital marketing mix created by a competent and capable SEO company in Adelaide. Product videos increase the saleability of your products and should serve the following ends:

  • Provide explanations on the used methodology of the product
  • Provide examples on assembling the product
  • Ensure that you can see the product from close angles through suitable footage
  • Explain the different uses of the product

All this serves as a better introduction to your product and its use than explaining the same as a stale text in the product description section.

Instead of text, the video presentation increases the chances of purchase. Try to be simple and effectively communicate its benefits in a suitable manner.

Strategy Tip #4

Make Effective Use of Social Commerce

One of the key elements of success in your digital marketing efforts is using social media effectively. Without a doubt, social media is one of the most potent weapons in your arsenal to get customers.

Making use of social commerce is one of the best ways to leverage the power posed by this marketing tool.

Using features like Instagram’s Product Tagging helps in:

  • Seeing the tagged products on your Instagram Page
  • Purchase the product immediately from your e-commerce website

Besides its time-saving features, social commerce also helps you to promote your product effectively. It is one of the key elements of the digital marketing mix, and you should make the best use of this powerful tool.

Strategy Tip #5

Execute Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping lets you prominently present products on Google. Such placement may be in the search results themselves or under the “Google Shopping” Tab. Though it is very much an element of in Google Ads, it draws its data from feeds provided by the online shops. So, there are no text or images to be determined to use this feature. While using this remember:

  • Google is the biggest search engine and enjoys a vast reach amongst consumers.
  • It is also the most popular platform for consumers to start their search for the perfect product for them.
  • Shopping ads come with the highest visibility and consequently better click-through rates
  • Click costs often are lower than traditional Google Search Ads.

Strategy Tip #6

Utilize Email Marketing

Email is another excellent business face. Due to the unique abilities of email in communication, it assumes greater importance for e-commerce businesses. It allows for:

  • Sending abandoned cart reminders
  • Sending Special sales offers
  • Knockout offers
  • Gifts and coupons

A great way to break the ice with new email newsletter signup users is to send a welcome email thanking them for coming on board.

Strategy Tip #7

Advertise on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon is distinct from Google in that, unlike Google Ads affect organic ranking on Amazon. This is because Amazon considers the number of product sales while coming up with its ranking. This means that products sold through ads on Amazons help you achieve better rankings on the platform. The advantages of leveraging this particular platform include:

  • Almost half of all product searches begin on Amazon itself
  • Competition is less resulting in lower CPC figures
  • Better conversion rates and lower CPC costs
  • Purchase intention is more concrete for Amazon users

To Sum It Up

Patience is a key part of the success of a digital marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses. The best SEO in Adelaide will help you in formulating the strategy and to stay on the right track in a dedicated manner. Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The strategy is crucial. This post should have helped it nudge in the right direction!

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