Featured snippets can make you catch that online social mood and also make you stand bizarre from your competition when it comes to Google results. Featured snippets SEO are the young trends pursued by Google to intensify the online search ordeal. In a study made by HubSpot, they discovered that the CTR for their high- volume keywords elevated by over 114% when their results came into view as Featured snippets.

With the updates that Google has launched this January 2020, there is a commotion within the SEO coterie. As previously concerning featured snippets the URL can be placed twice on the SERP now this featured has been eliminated. The update that brought about a great change is “de-duplication”.

There is the wrong hypothesis; people consider Rich snippets SEO and Featured snippets SEO as analogue. Instead, Featured snippets are those which appear as the cap of the page above all the results that Google has crawled and felt valuable for any searched term. Whereas rich snippets do not follow any defined structure; they can turn up anywhere in the search end

These snippets are followed by the links in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) that provide more information about the subject and help in reducing their task of finding pertinent information.

Today in this article we shall discuss what is the role of Featured snippets in SEO with SEO specialist Adelaide? What updates have been made in 2020?


 What are the Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are information packed in a box that appears on the top of any page or at ‘position 0’ and placed above the organic search results but below the paid advertisements. The lines that are displayed in the snippets are squeezed from a blog or an article and the link of the blog or an article is given below that gives further information.

Featured snippets are of three types:

  • Paragraph Snippets
  • List Snippets
  • Table Snippets

There are few more types of snippets like the picture featured snippets, the video featured snippets, process showing snippets and more. With local SEO Adelaide, you can explore more and select the best.


How can you be worthy of a Featured Snippet?

Gaining Featured Snippet has not remained a puzzle now. By following certain practices with SEO specialist Adelaide you can earn it easily.

  • Incorporate great keyword research.
  • Navigate through the questions asked by the target users.
  • Recapitulate which keywords have enjoyed featured snippets.
  • Snarl up a study about the popular format and structure your content that way.
  • Prepare your 40-50 words answer.


Featured snippets update January 2020

Featured snippets have always been a favourite amongst SEO professionals because of their great visibility and high-value organic results. A recent update made after 23rd January 2020 things have got a little different. Originally the featured snippets delivered a benefit of appearing at two places on the Google page:

  1. On the top of the page as Featured result.
  2. Secondly, below featured snippet but ranking in the top results.

However, Google has reduced this benefit to one. Either the URL will appear as a featured snippet or it will be in the organic results. But Google would not entertain and surface the same URL double on the same page.

With Google introducing a new de-duplication update on January 22, 2020, the SEO professionals and the researchers are into the confusion if featured snippets are still profitable or its benefit percentage will reduce as compared to the traditional featured snippets.

In a study, it has been observed that featured snippets enjoy around 8.6% of all clicks, whereas 19.6% of clicks are received by the first search result that appears directly underneath the Featured snippet. The web technicians and SEO experts aren’t happy with this update and are opting out of it using Google’s “nosnippet” tag.

After the update has been made it is now been considered by the technicians and experts that how powerfully featured snippets use to affect CTR and earn great visibility is no more a reality.

But is this the reality?

SEO marketing company Adelaide, is going to show you both sides of a coin because looking at only one face could make you fall for a wrong decision and a great loss.

Unfolding Featured snippets

Serving the information seekers, Google has always tried to play best and do best. Featured Snippets were launched to provide quick and accurate results at the top of SERP’s. Featured snippets are like answers packed in a box with links to have further reading.

Talking about the year 2017 Featured snippets were not as accurate as they are today. But it has always attracted queries and questions related to CTR.


Featured Snippets then and today

Featured snippets initially were not better with providing relevant and accurate information and sometimes fall short in quenching the thirst of the readers. While today featured snippets accommodate great and better information leaving aside the access.

They are no longer lengthy and confusing.

For greater experience, Google has developed different types of featured snippets for different types of queries. For example, all the “what” and “why” questions are answered in paragraphs, a process in bullets and so on.

There are different types of snippets designed by Google for the queries where the user’s intention is not clear or the query is big.

  • Accordian snippets
  • Carousel snippets
  • Image link snippets
  • Right sidebar snippet


The decision on Featured snippets

is still your call to decide what you want.

Depends completely on your goal.

Better study and inspect if changing choices 

making a difference or not 


How you can avoid the Featured snippet?

Well, this could be your decision to avoid Featured snippets. You never know which copy of yours will be used by Google for Featured snippet but you can guide Google on how to use your content.

To guide Google there are four tags that you can add to your HTML page to avoid featured snippets.

  • Nosnippet: This tag is used when you are completely sure you don’t want to get your content as Featured snippets.
  • Max- video- preview: [Number]: You can use this tag where you can decide how many seconds of video you want to feature.
  • Max- snippet:[Number]: You can decide how many characters you allow Google to display as Featured snippets.
  • Max-image-preview:[Setting]: You can decide and set the maximum size of an image preview.


End of the line

Featured Snippet is like a Queen’s ornament that when wore changes the position of your website. They are dominating the search engines.

If you have succeeded in earning Featured Snippet you are all set to rule the Search Engine Results Page. Believe in delivering rich content that is logically designed and contains rich information to the users of the information with local SEO Adelaide.

Now that you know what are Featured Snippet, what are the updates and how to earn them, then whom you waiting for? Get ready to beat the competition and decide what is best for you with SEO marketing company Adelaide.







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