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Everything about the world that we live in has become entirely digital. This is as a result of the continued improvement of old technology and the introduction of new ones. Everything from healthcare to getting food can be done online. The widespread use of smartphones has made it a lot easier for people to simply get what they want from a simple click of a button.

This is a major reason why most businesses today are beginning to go online. Quite a lot of businesses have a very minimal offline presence, and most of their business is carried out online. An excellent example of this is the ridesharing industry which includes companies like Uber and Bolt have entirely dominated the taxi hub in major cities all over the world. Yet, they have no personal cars of their own. Pretty swell, right?

However, there is a problem. Since most business is based online, the online marketplace is fast becoming more saturated. There are thousands, and possibly millions of businesses lurking around the internet that do the same thing you do. The competition in the online market space is a lot tougher than it used to be.

Online business owners have to adopt some basic business principles that are used in offline businesses to thrive. One of them is Marketing and Advertisement.

With online businesses, advertisement and marketing are a different ballgame from offline marketing. The principle behind marketing stays the same, i.e. ‘be all up in their faces’. However, the method of execution is quite different. For instance, sharing fliers may not be such a useful Online advertising tool as much as SEO Marketing Adelaide. The reason is that the offline and online marketplaces are entirely different.  This is why different marketing strategies have to be used. For online marketing, the use of the internet and digital-based technology is essential. It is also known as Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a comprehensive aspect of marketing that contains so many other different components. It is an essential service and profession in today’s world. This is why most Marketing companies are beginning to incorporate Internet Marketing services into works.

One of the many aspects of digital marketing is Social Media Marketing, and it is perhaps one of the most important aspects of digital marketing there is. The reason is simple; There are a lot of people using social media. It is estimated that over3 million people browse social media content. That is a lot!!

In short, every business’s target audience is on social media. Not only can you easily reach your target audience on social media, but you can also stay engaged with them. Social media marketing has helped online business over the years thrive amid fierce competition. This article will look at some of the impacts of social media marketing on online businesses.


Social Media Marketing has helped businesses reach out to a much larger audience

As stated earlier in this article, about 3million people browse social media content. In a survey taken by 90% of marketers say that social marketing in Adelaide efforts has led to increased exposure of their business. 75% of them also attested to the fact that social media marketing helped increase the traffic on their website. These stats show that social media marketing has helped create brand awareness for online businesses and improve customer relations.


Improved Customer Relations

If you are a business owner, you will understand how valuable customer feedback is to the growth of a business, whether it is online or offline. Feedback is used by business owners to improve the image of the brand, strengthen its reputation and establish a great relationship with the customer. With Social Media Marketing, getting feedback has become a lot easier for businesses.

Every post, comment, and suggestion can be made use of to develop/improve your brand. It is estimated that businesses that engage in customer relations over social media earn a 20 % to 40% increase in revenue per customer.

By responding well to feedback on social media, you can showcase how much you care for your customers by providing a memorable experience. This fosters brand loyalty among your customers. ‘


Improved sales

With online advertising through social media, you can quickly improve the sales of your business. Brands have been able to convert interaction with customers to sales easily. Research has shown that social media marketing Adelaide has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. This makes social media marketing and SEO Adelaide a very critical tool for online businesses that are looking to improve their sales.


With a proactive social media marketing approach, the overall marketing strategy of the business will become a lot stronger.


Improved Brand Loyalty

A loyal customer is an ideal customer. This theory stays true for most businesses. The reason is it costs less to get new customers than it is to retain the ones you have already. Brand Loyalty is only possible when there is a trusting relationship between the customer and the business.

Social Media Marketing creates an environment that makes it a lot easier for businesses to increase brand loyalty among their customers.

By continually interacting with your audience on social media, you can create a loyal fan base of customers that will rather starve than purchase products from other brands.

If your target audience is within the ages of 18 and 24, I have good news for you. Research has shown that people within this age range are more loyal to brands they follow on social media.



Social Media has made an enormous impact on the way online businesses are run all over the world. .Little wonder, it has become an essential part of every online advertising and marketing strategy.

There is so much to miss out on if businesses fail to implement social media marketing in Adelaide.

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