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We have all heard of search engine marketing at least once if we are into the world of digital marketing. Search engine marketing is very similar to offline marketing, where we need to increase our market visibility by marketing the products and services. In more straightforward terms, search engine marketing is the primary tool for growing the market.

There are many ways to make money online. You can own a website or blog, you can sell sponsored ad or write sponsored content, or you can sell your products or services online or redirect to someone who does that. In short, there are all sorts of way to make money online.

However, none of those mentioned above strategies will work if you do not have a regular audience visiting your site. And as we know, the first thing that is needed to make money (online or offline) is the audience. That is where search engine optimisation/marketing comes into the picture.

Search engine marketing is primarily attracting the right audience towards your content, who has the potential to convert your sale into cash.

In addition to achieving a successful sale and gaining a customer, search engine marketing ensures on-track results in the long term. You have to be consistent with SEM as it takes more time to build a base.

You cannot directly jump to the marketing process without deciding the niche, target audience, content, website registration, get links, and so on. Therefore, if you are at the initial stage what you need to aim for is to generate a decent income from your venture while keeping a keen eye on long-term SEM strategies.

What are the strategies involved in search engine marketing?

To learn more about how to make profits with search engine marketing, below are the five most used strategies that have been used by all the big businesses to survive in the online market.


The first and foremost thing you need to learn in the growth market is to win customers. There are likely to be thousands of Google users that use the search bar to search for their query. Studies have shown that the audience relies on searches to make a purchase decision and with a great SEM strategy; you can help them in converting their idea into the purchase. It is a win-win situation for both.


Google will not rate your website in the first ten conveniently because you are writing a post. You need to enable search engines to locate your content by projecting what the audience is going to look for. For that, you need to decide a line of keywords and search term related to your article. Once you pull your keywords, you have to use them in the post.

Putting the search term in the title is relevant, although it is not the only possible option you should be doing to improve your visibility.

For example, our website can be searched from the keywords such as SEO firm Adelaide, best SEO Adelaide, SEO services Adelaide which has not been put in the title but if you search for it, our page will appear in the Google results.

One effective way to add keywords is by using relevant links— by using links of similar content; you can add a keyword without altering the article’s content. You can also use links of articles that have been posted earlier and is similar to or related to the current article. This will also increase the number of clicks on the previous article.

If you have the resources, there are many tools available online that will help you identify how often your keyword should be used in the report, along with additional keywords that should be included in the article. If you do not have extra money for buying an online tool, that is completely okay. Online study shows, one keyword should be used up to three per-cent of the total density of the article. You can use many free tools to check the keyword density. Alternatively, try to use your keyword whenever you can without being carried away.


Improving the lead generation of your site is one of the easiest ways of earning traffic. Ranking on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) can bring hundreds of thousands of people to your homepage.

To optimise your data, you need to know that the design of your website begins with SEO. Please consult with a programmer or explore what Google, as well as other search engines, are expecting from your site and then do everything you can to ensure that they get it.  It would be best if you started building up your reputation over time on themes that are important for your business.

Next, you need to post an article that targets explicitly search term or key phrase. Make sure to use that keyword in the title, and across the article. You can use relevant links and internal links that refer your site and remind Google what the piece is all about. Around the same time, ensure you write something, which teaches the audience and not only targets the algorithm of Google.

Finally, through social media, you need to set up an online chat about your article. You can use your channels and alliances to generate interest around your site that Google cannot overlook.


As our best friend, a search is not only a commodity anymore— it is a behaviour. We shift to browse whatsoever anywhere, whether on our computers, tablets, laptops, or smartphones. Knowing how people are searching for their purchase experiences at different times leaves the door open to reach this wider audience with your business. Furthermore, SEM enhances the sales stream and governs various marketing operations.


Waiting for the right moment is no longer enough to compel the audience. You need to put a step forward and take the target audience to the next level. To bring this into uniformity, you can check the past behaviour of your audience, their relevant search history, and then create an impactful campaign. You can use their search history as keywords in your article.

For example, if the audience searches for SEO firm Adelaide, best SEO Adelaide, SEO services Adelaide, our website appears on the Google result page

And yes, that is pretty much it for the article. Since you know how to make money online with the search engine marketing strategy, now is the right time to get started.

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