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Are you looking to make a website for yourself or your business? One of the things that you will need is the services of a great web designer. In most cases, excellent web design is one of the things that defines the success of a website. A well-designed website will significantly improve the user’s experience. This is closely related to how much traffic a website generates.

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Now that we are done with the messages, let’s dive into today’s topic!

When it comes to Web Creation, one of the things that you need more than a great web design is a Web Host. The term web hosting may seem very foreign to someone who is not conversant with “website terms.” However, people who understand what it means know how important it is. In this article, we will be taking a look at what the term ‘Web Hosting’ means.

Let me just put it out there: Without a web host, you can’t have a website!!

Here is an illustration that may help you understand this better:

Let us say you want to open a grocery shop in your neighborhood. Let’s say you have hired all the employees you will need, and everything you want to sell is stored away in a warehouse not far from the city.

You have done everything that you need to start the business. All except one thing…

You do not have a space for the store yet!!!

This is precisely what it is like to have a website without a web host.

Basically, you can have a domain and website, however, without the services of a web host, no one will be able to view your site. This is the same way that no one will be able to buy from your grocery shop if you do not have a physical store space.

Now, for an actual definition of Web Hosting!

Web hosting is the means through which you share your website on the internet so people can visit. A web hosting provider is what allows you to do this.

The way it works

Every website on the internet is hosted by a server. A server is a computer that is always active 24/7. It stores and manages every resource that has to do with your website.

When web surfers type in your URL, they immediately get connected to your server (where your website is hosted). The server receives and interprets your requests and sends what you need to your computer.

In the past, website owners had to invest in their own servers and hire the services of a server engineer. To cut costs, some web owners opted to learn the necessary server engineering skills by themselves.

Today, a lot of companies offer hosting and managing services at rates as low as $5/month. It is a widespread practice today that only a few Giant companies like Google own their own services.

As big as NetFlix is, it relies on a third-party hosting service.

As stated earlier, there are several web hosting providers available for use by website owners. The goal is to find the right one for you. In the next section of this article, I will show you how to choose the right Web Hosting Service for you.

Choose the Type of Hosting You Want for Your Website

The right type of web hosting service will help you run your website for your visitors. There are several options to choose from. Here are a few of them:

  • Shared hosting: Highly affordable; A single server is shared with other websites; the Only ideal for sites with low traffic volume.
  • Virtual Private: More expensive than shared hosting; Ideal for a higher number of traffic to your site than Shared Hosting. Technically a type of shared server.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Expensive; Meant for websites that have large amounts of traffic; Your business has complete control over everything; Requires a substantial level of expertise.
  • Managed Hosting: Very Common; The hosting service will control everything that has to do with your server.
  • Cloud Hosting: A new option; Allows separate servers to behave like one server; Great for growing companies; Works mainly on a pay-by-use basis.

Determine what features you want in a web hosting service

The type of website you create will determine what features you will need from your website hosting provider. For instance, if you own an online store, it will be a no-brainer for your website to have eCommerce capabilities.

If you are a mid-sized business that could grow in the nearest future. You need to be sure that your service can grow with you.

Take Your Website’s growth into consideration.

Before choosing a web hosting service, study your business module. Decide whether it will grow over time or remain the same size for a long time. Your decision should greatly influence the type of web hosting service that you choose.

Set a budget for your website.

There is no direct answer to this question. It basically depends on which one you choose. There are free web hosting services, as well as some that will cost you a few dollars to a few hundred per month.

However, as stated earlier, shared hosting is the cheapest option, while dedicated hosting is more expensive.


Top 6 Hosting Companies

In this section of the article, we will be looking at a few of the top hosting companies in the industry while listing their pros and cons that differentiate them from other hosting companies in the market.


With CMS Hub, you can easily optimize your site content for SEO and mobile. It comes with an automatic responsive design. You can easily integrate the CMS with any marketing, service, and sales tools to create a robust platform that works for your business. You can also personalise the UX of your site based on your business module.

The major demerit of this web hosting service is that you are limited to 1000 static lists and 1000 smart lists.


Bluehost allows you to choose between VPS or dedicated hosting. Your domain name is given to you for free the first year you become a customer.

The demerits of this web hosting service include:

  • The cost of BlueHost Plans doubles after the first year.
  • Website Backups are controlled. You may have to buy an additional backup plan


This Web Hosting service maintains one of the fastest load times in the industry. Unlike Bluehost, it offers daily automatic backups.

The major con of this website is the fact that most of the great features of this web hosting provider are only available on the most expensive plans.

Google Cloud

The payment rates of Google Cloud are very flexible as you pay for exactly everything that you use at any point in time. With Google Cloud, you can implement a hosting infrastructure on your website, similar to the ones used by major sites like and YouTube.

WP Engine

WordPress Engine allows you to choose between paying monthly or annually for any hosting plan you choose. There are a lot of custom options for large traffic users. (including Managed Hosting).

However, every plan has a limited bandwidth and local storage. The least expensive plans do not have 24/7 phone customer support. Users may not be able to install essential plugins for backup and caching.


Wix servers have a very fast load time. They are equipped with SEO tools that will help optimize your site. Also, you can choose between over 500 templates to design your website.

However, the cheapest plans display Wix ads on your website. Also, if you choose the lowest tier plans, you need to have a Wix subdomain. There is also the added disadvantage of you never being able to use a new template once you have created one.


This article has given you the ultimate guide to web hosting. Now, you understand why Web hosting is very crucial to web design and Development. When you are done figuring out which website hosting service is great for you, hit us up for the most affordable web design in Adelaide.

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