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Search engines use a lot of factors to determine the ranking of a search engine. These factors are regularly updated over time, based on the new trends. One of the ranking factors that have become more important is the domain authority of a website.  Domain Authority is a metric used to predict how well a website can rank on search engines. The higher your domain authority is, the more likely it is for your website to rank high on SERPs.

The domain authority of a website is calculated using an algorithm designed by. Moz uses about 40 factors to determine the Domain Authority of your website. Here are some of the most important factors taken into consideration:

Link Root Domains: This is the number of backlinks that your website has earned. Note that the backlinks have to be unique. So, if you have a hundred backlinks from the same source, you only have one link root domain. It is better to have a few backlinks from several different websites than earn a lot from the same website.

MozRank: This is a metric used to determine the strength of your website’s external links. In this case, quality beats quantity all of the time. One good link is better than ten bad links

MozTrust: Just like MozRank, this metric is used to rank your external links. However, it focuses more on how closely connected your website is to a trusted website.

Quality Content: Well, this should not be a surprise, content quality is the major factor taken into account when a website is being ranked. As a result, the quality of your website’s content can play a huge role in determining its domain authority.

Social Signal: This refers to how much a piece of content is shared, liked, and commented on. It is safe to say that if it is engaged socially a lot, it has some level of quality. This is why Moz uses it as a measuring factor.

Search Engine Friendliness: This refers to how well SEO is used, the design of your website, and the user experience of your website.

Before we go on to look at tips that will help you improve your DA score, let us take a look at other stuff that you need to know about Domain Authority.

  • The DA of your website is calculated based on the data Moz as about your website. This may not be as accurate as the data Google has on your website.
  • Google penalties are not taken into account when determining the DA score.

Now that is out of the way, here are some tips that can help you improve your domain authority.

Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Get More High Authority Links

This is basically the most effective way to increase your DA score. As stated earlier in this article, links from high-authority sites carry significant ranking power. Even if you are not a fan of focusing on improving your DA score, links from a high authority site will do a lot of good for your website. Getting these high authority links is another long long process. I will probably talk about it in another post. However, it is important to note that having great content is at the crux of it.

Reduce the rate at which you get spammy links

In this case, bad and spammy links do not mean low authority links. In fact, having a few low authority links is not a bad idea. They can add value to your content and improve the user’s experience(which is the whole point of SEO in the first place).

Thing is you know when you are using spammy links. Stop that!

If using a link is not necessary, there is no need to force it.

Get more traffic-driving links

Links that come from high- traffic websites show a strong sign of usefulness. Even if you do not use DA, we know attracting links that drive traffic is great for your site’s SEO. This is because it indicates relevance to searches and drives results.

Also, by putting more energy into getting traffic-driving links, you are diverting your attention away from making spammy links.

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

This is a no brainer if you want to rank high or get a great DA score. The major reason is that mobile searches are about 60% more than desktop searches. Also as stated earlier in this article mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor in determining your site’s DA score (and SEO).

You can figure out how mobile-friendly your website is by running a test on your domain. You can do this.

Improve Your Page Speed

This is one of the known ‘signals’ in Google’s ranking algorithm. Fast websites rank higher than slow websites. There is no other way about it. This will not only improve your rankings but it will also increase the user experience of your site. This will ultimately make your visitors want to come back.

There are so many technicalities involved in improving page speed. If your not a developer, you may need to hire one.

If you do not have enough money to higher a developer, here are some things you can do yourself:

  • Eliminate plugins you do not need
  • Upgrade your WordPress
  • Optimize the size of your images
  • Ask your hosting provider to give you a report on the server’s performance. (You may need to upgrade to a more powerful server)
  • Use a caching plugin
  • Use Youtube for videos

Be Patient

The patient web designer in Adelaide gets the highest DA score! As bad as this joke is, it is the truth. You cannot improve your DA score overnight. It will take time for your website to be read after you make changes. So just chill out.

Keep trying to improve the quality of your content while you wait and your high Domain Authority will come!




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