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Since we have entered the new decade, it is probably fair to say that technology is rapidly advancing. Digital marketing technologies and developments are coming and going at lightning speed. 

The same could be said for consumer interests that are growing exponentially, and thus, it is becoming more challenging to forecast their needs manually. 

The latter half of the decade left behind saw the growing lubrication of marketing technology, which enabled marketing companies to recognise their target market and facilitated their outreach programmers.

There was a period when artificial intelligence, optimisation of voice search engines and data-driven marketing were seen as innovative and revolutionary ideas. For most digital advertisers and brands alike, they are among the top priorities today and will continue to dominate the industry in 2020. After all, they have to adjust to the growing digital market for one’s brand to remain relevant. 

It is hard to predict, but here are some of the developments that we think will keep all of us busy over the next 12 months. One should consider investing time and resources to be effective in the year to come.

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User Experience 

The growing use of phones and mobile apps has sparked marketing growth through these channels over the last decade. Marketing companies should note that the user experience is fundamentally vital to the success of a company, given the new technologies and advancements in devices. Hence, one has to pay attention to UX design, integrating the use of senses such as touch, sight and sound. 

Additionally, due to its relations with search engine optimisation, UX has gained more prominence. As the leading digital marketing agency in Adelaide, we strive to deliver the best results for our clients. We consider every feature of the search result— on-site content, user experience, smartphone-friendliness and much more. Likewise, advertisers need to concentrate more on optimising UX.

Personalised Email marketing 

Personalisation will be the talking point when it gets down to email marketing in 2020. Using advanced behavioural data technology to learn how consumers communicate with a site or app, more brands will realise the power of a tailor-made email sent at the right time to customers.

A welcome email that contains a brand promo code or a suggestion for another item when they purchase something–these kinds of timely emails help build a long term relationship with your client and can help to increase sales and minimise abandoned carts.

The uniqueness of this is that everything is automatic, so there is no pause, as it is perfectly executed.


In the last decade, with the integration of digital media, the advertising and marketing game has seen a significant change. With the shift in consumer preferences and a growing crowded media environment, conventional advertising approaches were made less efficient to meet this challenge. New forms of advertising have emerged, with minimalism finding raucous achievement. 

The philosophy of minimalism is based on the notion that’ simple is better’, but this does not mean that in producing messages, there is a diminishing effort or feeling. Instead, to achieve the desired effect, more detail needs to be paid for every intricate detail. Minimalist advertising relies almost entirely on visual elements, which are accompanied by little or no printed copy. IMH, a digital marketing company in Adelaide, believes marketing shines out of the chaos of data-laden advertising material, serving as a cleanser to the mind of the consumer.

Omni-channel tracking 

The addition of cross-device monitoring to Google Analytics was one of the most important developments of last year. It means that advertisers could get a much clearer understanding of the user’s path until then confined to the use of tracking that loses user control as they switch from mobile phones to desktops and devices and back again. The Google Web + App functionality also provides information in one place for apps and websites, making it possible for the marketing company to see where and how users are interacting with a brand.

When it comes to user monitoring, of course, there is still a way to go. The technology to collect physical store information is still trying to catch up, but we are getting there and who knows what we are going to predict next year this time.

User-Generated Content 

Consumers are cautious about brand messages and prefer to listen when deciding their peers. As a result, about 60 per cent of customers agree that UGC is more credible and trustworthy, making this an essential avenue for brands to pursue when carrying out promotional activities. Some of the most popular UGC behaviours that brands can exploit include feedback, ratings, testimonials, influencer content, and comments and mentions on videos and social media.


Experience is more important today than ever when it comes to customer engagement. Consumers are continually looking for more than conventional brand material, which has driven marketers to explore new paths, incorporate technology, and develop marketing environment innovations.

One of the latest advances in advertising has come from using the technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to communicate the promotional activities of the brand. With AR, users can show how a particular location will feel, or how it will be set up, without any physical labour, through the convenience of their phone’s camera. Likewise, for an almost lifelike feel of a product, users can be physically transported to a simulated environment via VR. Such strategies are increasingly being used by more and more brands from different industries to target customers successfully.

Chat bot

In addition to the earlier, chatbots–which have already established their impression on the digital interface–will rule the marketing domain in the years to come along with 360-degree videos, and human-centred ORM.

Also, customised voice search dashboards, shippable posts and ads, as well as visual search functions, will propel marketing practices to new success levels. The customer is king after all, and these are just some of the expectations that brands have to live up to in today’s highly competitive market, to retain them. 

We hope this article was helpful. If you need any help with your digital marketing drives, drop us a line. We are a leading digital agency in Adelaide.

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