What is Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO?

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If you want to optimise your website for SEO, you need to take a look at every website component and improve it the best way that you can. The Schema Markup is a perfect example of something you can implement and adapt to the idea of bringing your SEO to that next level. It’s essential to work with an SEO company Adelaide like International Media House so you can harness the potential of this fantastic feature.

What is the Schema Markup?

The Schema Markup is a form of microdata. You can find it at Schema.org, and the primary focus for it is that it will help create a rich snipped (enhanced description) that appears in search results. Schema Markup is vital for SEO, especially after updates like RankBrain or Hummingbird. The Schema Markup will help provide context for your web page, and that might help you with ranking.

You can use it for events, products, reviews, videos, recipes, people and organisations or companies. Put merely, Schema Markup can be used for just about all kinds of situations. It’s important to understand that any data on your website needs to have its itemprop, itemtype and item scope. It’s not something mandatory, but it can become vital and you have to consider it here.

Feeding search engines data in a structured manner does make a huge difference, and that’s where the Schema Markup shines. The SM helps you categorise all website items that can be described, and they are shared into categories.

How is the Schema Markup presented?

The format is always very similar. For every item, you will have the additional type in the form of an URL, the description as text, image URL, name in the text format, sameas which indicates the identity of the item and lastly the item URL. All these things can be adapted and adjusted accordingly based on the type of item you want to describe. But this is great for search engines because they get to understand the item type you have on your website, and that will make understanding it a lot easier and also a lot more convenient.

Why does this matter? For starters, it’s easier for a search engine to have all the info about an item rather than trying to use semantic intelligence to find it. This has the potential to help you rank faster. And on top of that, you will have a more accurate description of your business and all of its items/features. With the Schema Markup, you make the search results richer and more comprehensive. It helps you rank higher, and the average searcher will appreciate the extra input and convenience he gets this way.

Does it have an impact on your SEO?

The Schema Markup can be very helpful because it gives you information and access to content that would be very hard to find. Every Schema Markup will differ when it comes to the way it affects your SEO Adelaide. Used adequately, it can help you improve the click-through rate, and it will also make the results faster to access and more comfortable to read too. If you want to apply the SM to your website, the good idea is to use plugins. There are lots of plugins like Schema Creator or All In One Schema, they are very comprehensive, yet super easy to use and extremely convenient.

There’s also a schema tool named WordLift which helps you process the structured data markup automation. With its help, you can design content using phrases and keywords generated by AI. This way, you can design large schema markups that are AI-based and which can help optimise your content and your online presence naturally.

What are the benefits of using Schema Markup?

One of the main benefits that come from using Schema Markup for your SEO Adelaide is the fact that you make your pages look more appealing and engaging in SERPS. They will have images and snippets, and everything is neatly organised for search engines and users alike. Internet users are more likely to click on a Schema Markup-based result than a regular one. And that’s going to bring in a positive influence over your ranking too.

Another major benefit is that local companies will be able to show search engines what they are doing, what items are they are selling, and how customers can contact them. The search engine will be less confused with help from a Schema Markup. Besides, this offers a great way to promote your event, especially when people have general inquiries like “events near me”. You can use the Schema Markup to share information like location, date, pricing and any requirements, among others. Plus, the SM will help you showcase a variety of details in SERPs such as customer care links, blog links, social media accounts, logo, contact number and many other.

What type of Schema Markup should you use for your business?

There are multiple types of Schema Markup that you can start using right away. The organisational Schema Markup is great for companies, NGOs, schools and so on. It helps provide basic information about the organisation in question. Then there’s the breadcrumbs markup that offers you a way to generate breadcrumbs which make it easy to trace categories via a link. The website schema markup is more suitable if you want to show the search box feature for your website as a simple inquiry.

Aside from these, you also have the site navigation Schema Markup which is great for seeing categories in SERPs, the video Schema Markup which helps show off tiny videos and their information or the schema product and offer markup that helps showcase some of the main offerings for your e-commerce website.


It’s a very good idea to work with an SEO company Adelaide and implement your own Schema Markup as fast as possible. Not only does this help you improve your branding, but it also brings in front of an excellent user experience. It might take a little bit to adapt to the process and make it more convenient, but the best part is that you have comprehensive customisation options. You may also find our SEO Tools useful, so you must check them out. Feeding search engines all this information via Schema Markups is very convenient, and it can help you rank higher in SERPs. Plus, you get to offer a more professional, branded website presence that your customers will appreciate and enjoy!


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