Why you need HTTPS (SSL) on your website?

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Until lately, most site owners did not have to worry about receivership to protect their web pages unless they performed e-commerce transactions, or gathered confidential information such as health or accounting details. Now everything is shifting, and all websites need to prioritise security.

Google also officially recommends protecting websites with HTTPS, ensuring that this will not only be essential to companies who want their websites to rank well in search.

If you have read articles from Forbes, The Economist or any number of Internet security companies in there, it is highly probable that you are aware of the expression ‘Data is the new oil.’ It is one of today’s most valuable resources online (we are all witnessing the rise of VPN) and can be hacked and sold or exchanged just like anything else.

In brief, website security is no more something to think about for just certain types of websites. It is a best practice for all companies and organisations, who want to improve their search engine efficiency, build a reputation with visitors, and maintain a professional web presence.

What are HTTP and https?

Before we proceed further, we need to understand the real meaning of HTTPS. HTTP is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

These are the rules that are used to pass information from a server to a web browser on a web page. Whenever an Internet user navigates to a URL, their browser effectively opens a communication line with the server of the web.

For HTTP, this correspondence happens for plain text, indicating that any third party can view the server-browser communication. When that happens, it is possible to steal confidential and personal information.


In terms of making the interaction confidential, websites use HTTPS. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

In HTTPS, the same conversation takes place between a server and a web browser, except for encryption of the details. The coding avoids data being thieved from third parties.

Why Your Website Needs https?

To those of you, who are not using HTTPS, need to make their way towards HTTP. If you believe it is not appropriate or significant, then you are wrong.

The reality is security affects the reliability of your site. As per a study, if the information is sent via an unprotected link, 85 per cent of customers will not attract. Eighty-two per cent of Users will not even visit a secure website.

Plenty of website owners believe their site is resistant from targeted attacks or hackers as there are big businesses out there. However, the question is, why would a hacker only target big websites and not the small business website?

Hackers will not care if your website is tiny. They use advanced tools that run free on every site (irrespective of their size) they come across and collect information. If they cannot use the data, they can still sell it to someone else who can.

Moreover, forty-three per cent of cyber-attacks are targeted at small companies. Therefore, you cannot assume that it is not going to happen with me as I am the owner of a small website.

As of July 2019, 53% of all websites have started using HTTPS. As per the rough figures collected from various sources (yet no authentication has been made), only 57% of websites have HTTPS as of January 2020. It means there are still 43% of websites that are not using HTTPS.

Benefits of Https

HTTPS uses TLS (transport layer security) or SSL (secure sockets layer) for encryption. To keep the interaction secure, these specific encryption keys are shared between the browser and the database. A third party may claim to be the web browser to hack the server or claim to be the server to hack the web browser, without these credentials and keys.

Below are the benefits of adding HTTPS to your website.


Without HTTPS, your server might be prone to a third party cyber-attack disguised as a web browser for the user. You do not want to risk your server or website for any such attacks.

However, the privacy, protection and safety of your site visitors are potentially more important. It is your duty, as a webmaster, to protect those people. An event like hacked information of your customers will be harmful to your website and the brand’s image. It is almost insuperable to recover from all this.

Therefore, you need to use HTTPS to protect your online reputation. This is particularly true for those of you who gather sensitive information, such as names, addresses and credit card details.

  1. TRUST

Like a digital agency in Adelaide, HTTPS builds trust in the potential viewers that they are not browsing through any sites that are not secure. Web browsers these days make extra efforts to draw more attention to the websites that are not secure and warn the users not to take any prompt action. There are many web browsers like Chrome and Safari out there who issues warning for unsecured sites.

  1. SEO

If you plan to make a change to your website, you need to understand how your SEO rating can affect the decision. After all, a search engine begins 93 per cent of all online experiences.


Google must be the driving factor behind the stance when it comes to search engines and SEO. Google published back in 2014 that HTTPS would become a consideration in its algorithms for search rankings.


It is clear from the above that every website needs HTTPS.

From quick do-it-yourself security updates to dedicated web security companies, there are many choices available for owners nowadays. Today every web host provider in all seriousness believes that ignoring the problem is negligent homicide.

Having digital marketing agency around the issue of high pricing is also a relic of the past. Moreover, every company today should be able to finance the very basics of software solutions at least.

International Media House, a digital agency in Adelaide, is the place you can come to put the foundation for your website. We can provide you with the right tools, at the most reasonable prices.

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